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The Hairy Pottery is how I power my website business. I own The 3D Palette.com, custom websites for the serious equestrian, and through that business, I host several personal and business websites on the HostGator server under the Hairy Pottery name. I use them because after checking with several hosters, HostGator seems to have the best price, a huge amount of space, and good customer service. I never ever require my clients to host with a certain hoster. Clients may host with whoever they like, and I will design and maintain their sites, or allow me to host on HostGator and be in charge of all aspects of their site.

For those who are new to websites, here is a short explanation:

1-Purchase Domain Name- I use GoDaddy because of price, or you may purchase your own
2-Secure Hosting- You may purchase your own or let me use my HostGator account
3-Design Site and upload to the hoster
4-Maintain site with information and design updates
5-Enjoy your new site!

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